Crypta Tech

Who am I?

As a member of The Watchmen. alliance I have seen a lot of the aspects of the glorious game Eve Online. However as an avid programmer I have also seen the many ways that Eve Online can be improved through the development of a few simple tools.

Residing in null sec, I was constantly watching intel channels whilst struggling to recognise system names and interpret where hostiles were with respect to me. A tool existed called Vintel which overlayed intel onto a map of the region, taking the effort out of reading intel. However this tool had a number of small bugs and with the development of this tool being nonexistant, I took matters into my own hands, forked the code and developed Spyglass. Aimed at improving reliability and offering new features I released version 1.0.0 of Spyglass to the world. However this is only the beginning……

The beginning of a long venture into the development of Eve Online related tools.


Killboard Analysis

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Spyglass 2

Next Generation Visual Intelligence!


Visual Intelligence for the masses!

Owlship – Archie

The Secret Squirrel Spyglass Server.