The Beginning

War never changes. Only weapons are new. Yet it is not the weapons, but the men who handle them, who win victories.

The information age is upon us, and in New Eden intelligence is king. If you know your enemies fleet composition you can reship to the best counter. New Edens major alliances and coalitions are fraught with spies for this exact reason... Keep your friends close, and enemies closer is a phrase that holds even more weight in New Eden and one of the most important pieces of information is hostile capsuleers locations.

Since the beginning of Eve, 'intel channels' have existed. An in game text channel where you could share with your friends, hostile pilot locations. This remains the number one method of intelligence sharing. However interpreting these messages required great knowledge of the systems of New Eden and took many months to become useful to new capsuleers... This problem is compounded even more when multiple intel channels existed.

Enter Vintel! Visual intelligence became the new norm with the first public release of Vintel in January 2015. This tool allowed for all intelligence channels to be combined, and overlayed visually onto the familiar dotlan maps. This tool was revolutionary in allowing end users very easy access to the safety that good intel networks provide.

However the last updated release of Vintel came on July 4 2016... Since then very little work has been conducted on the project. This is where I come in.. I updated the code to remove a few long standing issues as well as added a number of new quality of life features.. This was the birth of Spyglass.

Despite its new breath of life, Spyglass is not without its issues... At the time of writing, there is no compiled Mac application. This is due to me not being able to get the code to function without major change specific for Mac. This I am not prepared to do, and instead I am focusing on making Spyglass 2 available to everyone. Spyglass 2 will be the most cross platform version yet. And is nearly here... So hold tight and prepare to encounter new horizons as more possibilities open in the visual intelligence realm.

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