Spyglass is the rebirth of Vintel, a tool many of us knew and loved. Aiming to aid The Watchmen keep an eye on their enemies, I have increased stability and have exciting new features planned for your visual intelligence needs.  Spyglass allows combat pilots to track and ambush their enemies and industrialists to seek safety and reship! It is an excellent tool for monitoring space where everyone needs to track opponent movements, show jump bridges as well as being a useful navigation aid, able to display a map of any region in Eve.

Welcome To Spyglass

Spyglass is a region map, intel visualisation and alarm system for EVE Online. This tool gathers information from in game chat channels and presents the data on a dotlan generated map. The map is highlighted in real time as players report intel in monitored chat channels.


  • An interactive map displays hostiles in real-time as reported through intel channels.
  • The system where your character is currently located is highlighted on the map
  • Visual and audible alarms can trigger when a hostile is X jumps from your location.
  • (NEW) Added a new theme – The Abyss. (A lot kinder to the eyes at night).
    (NEW) Added ‘Intel Rescan’ – Start Spyglass at any time and see historical intel.
  • (NEW) Added the ability for a local jump bridge file to be used (Or pull from an online hosted file).
  • The main window can remain “always on top” with a specified level of transparency.
  • Platforms supported: Windows and Linux.

And for what is left of Providence…….

  • A pilot may be KOS-checked from any in-game chat or fleet channel. Quick CVA KOS-checking of all of Local in a system

Planned Improvements

  • Live zkillboard feed in your region
  • Last known location & ship type for a hostile pilot
  • User Interface update coming in the future

If you have any further ideas, feel free to contact me (http://www.crypta.tech/contact/)

Sexy Screenshot

Bugs Fixed since Vintel

  • Fixed a small memory leak that would crash the game after long uptimes.If you find any remaining bugs, help me squash them by letting me know (http://www.crypta.tech/contact/)
  • Downloads and Installation

    -The current release version of Spyglass can be found here -> http://www.crypta.tech/spyglass/spyglass-downloads/.

    For Windows simply download the spyglass-windows-1.0.0.exe file, save it somewhere memorable and run it; no installation required.
    For Linux you can download the spyglass-linux-1.0.0.run file, set it as executable (if you are using linux I expect you to know how to do this…..[sudo chmod +x spyglass]) and run it.
    If you are a crazy enough person wanting to run Spyglass from source…… then advice on this can be found here -> https://github.com/Crypta-Eve/spyglass#running-spyglass-from-source.

    How to use Spyglass

Spyglass is a simple tool that in most cases will be a simple case of downloading and running the binary. Below is an explanation of the User Interface

You can change the region selected at any time to any other region using the ‘Region’ menu at he top of the screen.

The large purple circle around 9UY4-H indicates that a player of yours has been detected in that system. Until you pass through a gate to another system after starting Spyglass it may no know where you are and the last known location will be displayed.

As can be seen on the map, systems can be a variety of colours. This indicates the presence or lack of hostiles in the system (as reported by intel).

Background colour becomes red when a system is reported and lightens (red->orange->yellow->white) in the following intervals: 4min, 10min, 15min, and 25min.

When reported as clear, a system will turn green, and will remain this way for 10 minutes. After this ten minutes it will slowly fade to white again.

For a more accurate time since the last intel report, each system also features a timer which details the time since a report was made for a system.

When a report is made in any monitored intel channels it will appear in the panel on the right hand side of the screen (blurred out in the main screenshot). However the report will look like the above screenshot. This line tells you who made the report (Crypta Eve), the channel the report was made in (testintel), the time of the report (13:08:17) and the message that was reported. You will see in the message that a couple of things have been highlighted. Firstly the system ‘F-YH5B’ is highlighted as it was the system that the report was detected to be about. Secondly the word ‘Zealot’ was highlighted as it is a recognised ship name.

You can also look specifically at a single system. To get more data or change status of the system simply click on the system to bring up the window shown below.

This window shows an intel feed of all intel messages for that system only in the last 20 minutes. Beneath the intel feed are a number of buttons that allow for manipulating the status of the system.
Starting on the top right you can set a system as hostile by clicking the “Set alarm” button, or alternatively set it friendly by clicking on the “Set clear” button. This will update the status of the system on the main map. Note that this update is for you only, this will not be sent to anyone else.

Using the box on the top left of the controls, you can click here to select a character, then click the “Set Char Location” button to move the location of that character to the selected system. This is useful when you first log in and do not go through a gate as otherwise Spyglass will not know where you are.

Jump bridges

Spyglass can be given a text file containing jump bridge information to overlay on the map. This file can either be local on your computer or hosted on the internet.


Spyglass can be configured to sound an alarm should a red be reported within a number of jumps from your location. Right click on a blank area of the map for a menu that will allow you to adjust the number of jumps out that an alarm will sound.

Keeping Spyglass Alive

If you are interested in helping test spyglass or contributing to its development then please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you. You will find the ongoing development on Github at https://github.com/Crypta-Eve/spyglass

As with maintaining any tool, there is a time commitment involved. Time spent on this tool takes away from my time in eve and ability to make ISK. Feel free to send some ISK my way if you feel this tool is useful. The less time I spend needing to make ISK the more time I can spend on development.